Some Simple Tips to Trim Down Your Large PDF Files

The big file size is one of the largest upsets to deal with a PDF document. It’s an annoying issue when you stuck to send your email because of big PDF file attachment. And the issue continues unless you resolve the file size of your document.

Now, the question is how you can slim or trim your PDF files to reduce their sizes. Although it widely depends on a different type of PDF contents, you’ll find some common PDF making options. They’ll be paid PDF apps or software that allows you to trim your PDF file sizes.

Also, they offer many more features unlike you can get that in convert PDF to JPG online free version. And some improvements can take you a long way to save some MB of your files. Now, let’s know how to trim down your PDF file size after you doing convert pdf to excel free or vice-versa.

Go Through The ‘Save As’ Command

It’s a great way to start reducing the bloat. When you store your document using ‘Save’ option, you store it in a large. That’s why this function has changed and added them to the document. This is the same thing that happens with your PDF files as well and goes through the ‘Save As’ command instead.

You’re overwriting the whole file, getting rid of vacant objects, and gathered changes if you do this. The end result is you’ll get a smaller sized PDF file that you can manage easily. As a result, when you’ve included the whole thing you should have into your PDF, you just need to go with the option of “Save As”.

Get PDF Images with Compress & DownSample

Images play a big role in a PDF file to give it a natural look to content these days. But, if you like to make your PDF without a higher resolution then you can use downsampling and compressing to control the size of your PDF files. By downsampling a bitmap image, you reduce the pixels’ amount.

Thus it reduces the total resolution of your PDF file that provides a smaller size of the file. While using this option, it’ll tell the PDF app how to delete additional pixels. In this case, you can select from the methods of subsample, bicubic, and standard downsampling. Every one of the methods has its own benefits that’s why you should choose it wisely.

Select The Right Color Space

You might know about the color spaces of RGB and CMYK that each comes with different methods to handle colors. Usually, CMYK is perfect for print media, but RGB is ideal for on-screen viewing. So, pick the color space of RGB for the PDF images if you intend to show your PDF on the web.

Also, you can pick to alter CMYK color images to RGB color if you need in a few PDF creators. As it needs less data then CMYK, you’ll get a small size of files accordingly. Also, you can do some more things to reduce files size like sub-setting fonts and removing useless frills.


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