Once viewed as merely a place for recipes and craft ideas, Pinterest has evolved into a powerful site for brands looking to drive website traffic, increase visibility, and ultimately boost sales. With over 400 million monthly active Pinners, it’s a platform ripe with engaged users actively searching for products and shopping inspiration.

Leveraging Pinterest for business requires thinking beyond just maintaining a company profile. Setting up an optimized presence is only table stakes. Here are 10 tactics to integrate into your social media marketing to fully capitalize on Pinterest for sales:

Effective Ways to Use Pinterest for Business

Create Eye-Catching, On-Brand Pin Graphics

Upload rich photos/videos showcasing products in real-life settings or clever visuals capturing the essence of what you do. Consistency with your brand image and style is key.

Organize Products Into Thematic Pinterest Boards

Curate themed inspiration boards like “Gifts Under $50” instead of just boards by general product category. Think from the interest level pinning users would follow.

Run Pinterest Product Ads

The platform’s native Promoted Pins ad unit allows pinning sponsored content from brands directly into users’ feeds. Hyper-target key buyer demographics for the most relevant reach.

Share User-Generated Content from Followers

Re-pin visual social media content like product reviews, styled brand outfit photos, and recipe mashups featuring your products shared by followers. This authenticity sells.

Provide Value Via Rich Pins

Add pricing details, inventory availability, sizing/styling guidance, and more to item pins using rich pin markup. This helps convert browsers into buyers.

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Showcase Brand Values and Lifestyle

Share eye-catching images and videos related to CSR initiatives or spotlight brand culture, workplace, and team events beyond e-commerce offerings to form connections.

Collaborate with Influential Pinners

Work out creative campaigns or contests with top individual pinners, bloggers, and creators in your niche to access their engaged audiences and benefit from word-of-mouth enthusiasm.

Analyze Analytics for Insights

Study performance metrics for boards, pins, and engagement over time. See what stops momentum with specific content to refine the mix and double down on what works.

Create Group Boards with Complementary Brands

Jointly curated group boards around shared interests like sustainable living or yoga gear with non-competing but relevant brands. Cross-promote for a broader reach.

Promote Site Products and Boards Off-Pinterest

Add “Follow on Pinterest” branded pin buttons to your blog, email newsletters, and website banner to motivate visitors to engage further for sales.

Rather than sporadically pinning content, brands should pursue Pinterest marketing through a strategic combination of well-branded visual content, value-added engagement, strategic partnerships, analytics-driven optimization, and innovative promotion. Consult social media marketing services teams to execute a high-impact, sales-focused Pinterest strategy tailored to your e-commerce goals and offers.


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