What You Should Look at Lightweight Climbing Shoes

When you’re in long hiking, it’s essential to keep your feet secured where you’re excited to reach about. So, you have to keep the pain out of your feet from excessive walking and rocks. But, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have to wear some steel-made boots.

You should choose modern climbing shoes that are as lightweight as comfortable and protect your feet as well. Also, they reduce your effort of each step that you take when they cushion your feet.

These types of shoes keep your feet dry and warm in all weather. Besides, you can’t underestimate the essence of lightweight design, especially when it comes to the women rock climbing shoes.

Things to Look at Climbing Shoes

As it’s said already that extra weight in climbing affects greatly when it happens due to bulky shoes. Unlike keeping extra pounds on your backpack, it’s not the same to put an extra pound on your feet. It’s because your feet move frequently with every step than any other body part.

So, if you choose lightweight climbing shoes, you’ll be able to reduce your fatigue and stiffness of your feet. This is very crucial when you go hiking that’s lengthy for a few days. So, let’s know some more things that will make sure you need women s lightweight climbing shoes.

Why You Should Go, Lightweight

You’ll indeed find lightweight, mid-weight, and heavyweight climbing shoes out there. Now, the question is why you should choose lightweight shoes instead of heavyweight ones. We already have answered in the previous part of the content. Also, we’ll discuss the issue here in a bit of detail.

As there are advantages and disadvantages of using lightweight shoes, it’s essential to know which one you should go with. Since their name suggests, lightweight shoes are light in weight. You might be one of them who lift their feet very often when they take a step ahead.

So, it’s a must-do thing for you to reduce even a small part of weight when you’re in climbing. It’ll make a great difference when you talk and feeling tiredness after a walk of some miles.

Cut of Your Climbing Shoes

The cut of your climbing shoes has been described in the way that it’s the top of your shoe that extends up to your feet. In this case, you’ll find low-cut with your lightweight hiking. It ends at your ankle, but the mid-cut shoes end at the top of your ankle.

As cuts affect on the protection level of your ankle, they’re very important. For example, if you use low-cut shoes, you’ll not get the prevention of your ankle from the shoes’ neck from twisting excessively. So, it’s better to climb at the day time with lightweight shoes.

Another advantage of low-cut shoes is that they have made with less material that makes them less weighty as well. That means you should use lightweight climbing shoes with low-cut to get the highest output and your great performance.


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