It’s natural that people always look for their comfort zone and stay out there accordingly. And when they find it very effective and efficient, they never like to change it for anything. For this reason, we understand the issue when someone says that they love their current desktop viewer most.

And they don’t like to use some other apps like Horos and Osirix. But, you might be one of them who forget that the best DICOM viewer is not enough to solve all the issues. If you look at a hybrid solution, you’ll understand that open source apps are the things that you’re waiting for.

While focusing on the Horos, it’s using in more than 160 countries across the world. It’s because this is an open-source viewing app that loves thousands of people. Now, let’s know some more things about the open-source apps below:

Open Source & Free DICOM Viewers

There are many reasons to be very popular of the viewers like Horos to the medical community. These include it’s free and fully functional unlike other free open source medical image viewers. Another reason to become it popular is that it has not attached strings and completely free to download.

But, a large number of people like to use its desktop version because of having these benefits. And you can get your job practically done, so what’s its hiccup? As a medical professional, you’ll like the features of this app. These include reporting, access, and cloud storage. Well, let’s know about these features in short below:


As a physician or a radiologist, you need to make reports frequently. You may find that the essential open source viewer is falling in short of this task. So, you have to go through an entirely different platform to use it correctly. Also, this job is as cumbersome as painstaking for you as it needs much time to click continuously.

If you’re in this issue, you can use Horos with your current PACS. When you’ll install the app, it’ll make you able to provide your report within a single click on the “Report” icon. In the same time, you also can customize and create templates and share along with print options to get your reports with the Cloud solution.


When you have local stations for the desktop viewer with Horos, it’s not able to handle a large number of images for a long time. As Horos is an amazing viewing app, it’s successfully running all over the world. The most fabulous thing about it is that this is remaining fully functional and free of cost.


It’s limiting at your practice as the app has restricted to the viewing stations. Accessing this will become easier if you get proper knowledge of difference between DICOM and PACS. If you send the images in a manual method and upload them at the new location, then you can’t go to some other locations to pull those images or data. But, you can accurately access your patients’ images anywhere and at any time with the Cloud solution.


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