Tips to Backpacking & Hiking with Your Dogs

This is nothing secret that if you love outdoor events, the dog is your crucial adventure companion. Dogs are not just true and honest; they’re also dependable and hard working. That’s why they have earned the reputation that they’re the best friends for men.

I am one of the lucky men with two mini golden doodles named Isla and Lilly. They made my life plus outdoor exportation. They’re the source of endless fun, laughs, and adventure.

I got lots of requests on getting tips from me regarding hiking and backpacking with the dogs. That’s why I am sharing some of my practical experience with dogs while hiking. So, before you look for pet bowls feeders and waterers, let’s know those tips.

Getting Started

Firstly, you have to do ‘Stop’ and ‘Think’ if you like to get an adventure companion. If dogs will strictly fit into the life, get at least six months to an entire year to think about. It’s because it’s a commitment for a lifetime. Another reason is that your dogs are not similar to the toys.

They’re breathing and living non-human people that have heartbeats along with evolved emotions. If you look for a dog on a craze or you think it’ll be fun, you should not come to this field.

So, don’t get a dog if you can’t love, train, affectionate, exercise, and attention to it. Dogs will do many things that you don’t like. For example, they’ll mess the house, go to your restroom, and chew the important things. But, they’ll not do these if you train them properly.

Training & Fitness

Dogs are like human beings. They need guidance and training along with a regular fitness regimen. These are vital before you give them a bigger task. For example, a human being can’t run a marathon without good training. Similarly, dogs also need to get proper training for it.

After the proper training, my two dogs can now hike up to 15 miles. Also, they’re capable of elevating about 5000ft or its more elevation. However, this was not the way we started. Listening and keeping an eye closely on your dog is a very vital part of its training.

When Isla got a big eight miles hike, she was a bit tired on her way up. Even if we tried to get on the summit, the hike was her. Don’t forget one thing the hike should be about the dog, not about yours. When she completed her first hike, Isla never stopped. Now, my dogs are not feeling tired, but I feel so.

Planning & Preparation

It requires enough care and setting up with diligence when it comes to planning and preparation. It’s especially vital when you think of outdoor adventure or hiking with your dog. You should cheek all the dog hiking gear properly. This is because your dog is unable to use Google to know about the weather patterns.

Also, they don’t know the amount of food plus water to bring with them while going to a particular trail. So, if you take less food than they need, they’ll suffer from a lack of food.


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