You may be suffering from the fatigue of this pandemic if you’re seeking a new job with no luck. This can keep you in an unenthusiastic mindset. That means when you fail to get a suitable job in this hard time, it may affect you mentally and physically.

It’s because this pandemic has brought a bad time for a large number of people all around the world. There “coronavirus testing site are available now a day but there is no specific medicine for this virus. As a result people are badly affected. Especially, it has badly affected the job of the people everywhere.

The question is how you will realize that it has affected you in terms of your job search. That’s why we’re here with some issues and their solution to overcome the job search fatigue. So, before you look for lab test for coronavirus, let’s know more about the current issue.

You’re Unable to reach out to People in Your Network

You might have graduated from a top-rated school along with great alumni networks. But you’re unable to reach out to the alumni members you’re trying hard to connect with. Now, the question is why you’re not able to connect with them.

Perhaps you’re anxious you’ll not agree with these networks if you get your own unemployed. Possibly you’re fearful they’ll not like to lend a hand to you at a hard time. Or, probably you think these contacts have lots of going on this time, and you don’t want to burden them with your requests.

No matter what the reasons are, nobody has immune from their career setback. In this time of the pandemic, your network wants to link you to opportunities. That’s because they’re in the network.

You’re Seeking Issues, Not Solutions

Do you get exhausted by everything that goes wrong? Are you anyone who sticks holes in all your inboxes? Have you lost the desire to see if anything can work and just how something cannot work appears to be nil? If you do, you will resist success.

And when you look for a career, this mental albatross will lead you to believe nobody will want to employ you merely because you were rejected once.

Or if nobody supports you because you have sent a few emails to which nobody has responded (and you disagree that you have more powerful e-mails). The way around it is to think, “How do I fix this? While faced with a problem? “Another concern is instead of saying, “Oh no!”

You’re Making Big Obstacles beyond Smaller Challenges

Errors exist. There are difficulties. Sellers, buyers, workers, supervisors, work-seekers witness all circumstances which are not running smoothly. And some people cope objectively with challenges and people who are more complicated than they are.

Who are you? When you look back at any previous challenges, have you found them wider than they had to be? This pessimistic thinking will affect the career quest if you want to make issues worse.

It could be too complicated to return an email to a recruiting manager in a not-so-ideal way. Another thing is that you’re not finding any outcome from the job search.


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