You can follow these seven ways on how to compress a PDF file for email.

1. Tools and Apps

Nowadays, a lot of users prefer using apps and tools when it comes to reducing PDF file size for an email attachment. Various web-based tools, android apps, and software for computers are also available. With these tools, the users can easily reduce the file size and compress them. Make sure you compress the file before sending in emails. Otherwise, it will not be possible. Below are a few of the apps that you can use to reduce PDF file size.

2. Online PDF Compressor

Here comes one of the popular and free apps which helps you reduce the file size. It is easy to use and compresses files within minutes. Make sure you don’t have a too big a file to be compressed. You will have to choose the file, upload it and the app will compress it for you. it will provide you a file with reduced size.

3. LightPDF

It is another tool that lets you reduce the PDF file size in a very short time. It should be noted this is a web-based service. You will be using it online. It does not have any app or software. You will select the file and it will give you options. You should choose reducing file size. All will be done within a short time, depending on the file size.

4. PDFaid

Many users have rated PDFaid as a great tool to compress the files. The best thing about this software is that it is not just a compressing tool. But it also offers many other features and is a perfect PDF file editor. Users will find a number of other options as well. It also offers multiple options to reduce file size.

5. Windows File Compression

You can compress pdf file size online free with Windows file compression too. Go to the file, don’t open it, then right-click it, then send to and here you will choose compress folder. It will compress the file that you can send us an email attachment with reduced size.

6. Mac Preview Tool

Mac also offers a tool called Preview which allows the users to reduce file size. Open the file with Preview, then go to File, then click on EXPORT. It will show a new tab with different options. In EXPORT AS option, choose to reduce file size and save it to your computer.

7. Adobe Acrobat Professional

Adobe Acrobat is a great option when you have to compress a PDF file for email. It should be noted; the professional tool is paid. So you will have to subscribe to it. There are two ways to reduce file size with this tool.

First is to open the file, then choose to save as and then you will get options. Here you should click on reduce file size. As you will do so, the tool will compress the file and now you can save it to any location on the computer. The second option is to open the file, click save as and then go to optimize PDF file. This will also serve the same purpose.


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