How to Prevent Nursing Mistakes?

1. Keep Track of the Patient’s Mobility

There are different reasons that bring the patients into a hospital for example; some come due to their age illness, some are admitted after surgical operations whereas some are weakened by an illness, however, it is essential for the nurses to keep a track of the mobility of the patients. Because, if they are left unchecked, some can stand up and try to walk out due to frustration and end up hurting themselves. Make sure that as a nurse, you know the mobility status of your patients especially those who require special attention in this regard.

2. Maintain Hygiene

Working in a hospital means working around lots of infectious germs and bacteria. These bacteria can spread easily from one person to another, so it is your duty to keep yourself safe from these infections by washing your hands ASAP after touching anything in the facility. Moreover, the safety of the patients also lies under your responsibility so make very sure that you use clean and sterilized equipment on the patients.

3. Double-Check the Medicines

Medication errors are very common and are the deadliest as well. While handling so many patients, nurses tend to forget very easily that which medicine was for which patient. This error can be eliminated easily if you ask the following questions to yourself before giving any medicine to the patient;

  • What kind of medication is it?
  • Which patient has been prescribed this medicine?
  • What should be the dosage?
  • How should this medicine be given?
  • When is this medicine prescribed to be given?

If you have these things on your mind before giving patients their medication, you are likely to reduce medicine errors to a great extent.

4. Seek Help When Required

Some nurses, specifically the new ones want to do everything on their own even when the help is required they don’t find it necessary to ask for. So, if you are a new nurse and encounter something which you cannot handle alone, call someone for help especially while lifting or moving a patient. For example; if a patient falls from their bed, don’t try to lift the patient alone because you never know which body part of the patient is sensitive and might cause harm due to your effort. Seek help and lift or move the patient with due care.

5. Avoid Documentation Mistakes

Proper documentation is very essential for the doctors to keep an appropriate check on their patients so any mistake with improper documentation exasperates the doctor. Documentation errors ascend when the nurse forgets to enter the information or input the wrong one. To eliminate this error, make sure you enter all the important things about the patient, so nothing goes wrong with the doctor’s mood and monitoring of their patient’s health as well. There also need of proper system of PACS in healthcare to ensure data access easy and quick without errors.

6. Stay Patient-Oriented

Rather than rushing things to complete your task ASAP, stay focused on the needs and comfort of the patient. In this way, you would provide them with the perfect care required that would help them in a speedy recovery.

Again using top notch free PACS server in healthcare will help nurses and the medical staff to access data and they also won’t be worried about the security of the medical data.


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