9 Helpful Tips to Increase Your Broadband Speed

Following tips will help you to increase your broadband speed.

1. Disconnect Extra Devices

We all have multiple devices, PCs, laptops, smartphones and other appliances connected to the internet connection. When a device is connected to Wi-Fi, it works in the background and slows down the internet speed. So you should disconnect all the devices you are not using to improve the speed.

2. Change Router Location

The location of the router has a significant impact on internet speed. Sometimes, the radio signals of the routers have high frequency but short range. So if the router is at some distance from your devices, you will notice the slow speed. You can boost the speed by placing the router near to your devices. That being said, if you want to mobile, there are some good and cheap NBN phone plans.

3. Reboot the Device

When we see our phones, laptops, and PCs behaving odd or working slow, we shut them down and restart. The same method can also help for the internet connection. Just reboot your router and it will work fine. People have experimented this and the issue of slow internet was resolved.

4. Unwanted Guests

It happens with many people that someone living near to them or in the room is using their connection without telling them. This obviously slows down the speed. So you have to find out and check if any unwanted person or guest is using your internet connection. You can block all such unwanted users.

5. Use a Booster

Wi-Fi booster, repeater, extenders- these are all the same things. They are used to improve internet speed. They are very affordable and a good booster will cost you around $100. This is a one-time investment so you can hope to enjoy a stable and better connection with a booster. The installation is also easy.

6. Use Necessary Apps

When you work on your device, maybe a laptop or PCs, a number of apps are working all the time. They all consume data and this sharing results in slow speed. You can turn them off and only use the necessary apps. In Windows and MacOS, you can quit all the unused apps to boost speed.

7. Change Your DNS

This trick is actually workable and you can boost your internet device. All you need to do is to go to your settings and internet connections. Your device will have a dedicated DNS and just change it to from whatever the previous DNS was. You will notice a great change in the speed of your internet connection.

8. Use a VPN

VPNs allow you access sites that are normally not available in your areas or on internet connection. They have other uses too. But you can improve internet speed with a VPN. But be careful. They are sometimes harmful. They can slow down your device, cause malware and other issues.

9. Change the Connection

Try to find some more hacks online and via YouTube. Hopefully, you will get some useful tricks. But if you are still facing the same issue or internet has not improved, all we can say is to change your internet providers and switch to a better connection. You should also think about changing laptops or devices if they are very old.

If you want to upgrade, there are many NBN home and NBN phone plans to choose from.


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