If you are a real hacker and if you are interested in learning a lot about hacking, then you have finally arrived into the right place because this article will suggest you few of the phones with different models that are perfectly suitable for the hackers or for those who love to learn to hack by means of a mobile phone. But before that, there are a few essential factors to consider just before go for purchasing a phone. Because the website that you will choose in order to pick up the best cell phone for your own would demonstrate you a variety of mobile phones.

Therefore, if you are pretty unsure about your requirements or what type of phone you would really like to purchase then it would surely be a bit overwhelming job for you. Most of the time, it is seen that people choose mobile based on what they notice in the website. While there is nothing wrong about that, you should also need to consider the fact of the mobile carrier as it is equally important for you to get you the best deal. Sometimes different models come with the best data plan just like the cheapest 5GB data plan.

Anyway, let me move onto the main part of this article. Are you a hacker? Are you quite passionate about hacking?? Do you love hacking??? Then finally this article will make your job easier because from now on you will be able to learn to hack by using your mobile device. However, before that let me provide you with a short description of different types of mobile users.

So there are mainly five different types of mobile users. The first one is a non – technical user and this type of user doesn’t have a lot of requirements or a lot of things to perform with their phone. So basically they are pretty simple users. The second one is non – technical users. This type of user is slightly different when compared with the technical users because they need something more than the non – technical like camera, video, mp3 players and some other things. The third one is mid-range user and this type of user requires slightly more than the non – technical user but less than the technical user. The fourth one is high – end users and they need almost all the features when compared with the technical users. Lastly, the hacker which is the main part of this article.

So in case you are a hacker and consider regarding the open together with programmable devices which run on OpenMoko, Maemo or something which is similar along with the best cheap mobile plans. You can read more blogs to know more about this matter or watching videos online could be an effective solution for this program.

So by now, you should know what phone to choose if you are a hacker or if you love hacking. That’s all for today and many thanks for taking a look at this article.


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