We all know how much money goes into buying real or synthetic hair extensions. The price can go as high as 4000$. So, it’s obvious that we will need your Russian virgin hair or any other extensions to last as long as possible, to get your money’s worth. Here are ways to make your hair extensions, either clipped, glued or taped in, last longer.

  1. Brushing

The most initial step of any hair care routine is brushing your hair out. This goes true for extensions as well. It is important that you brush your hair and extension twice a day. Invest in hair extension brush as well. Brush your hair before going in for a shower or bath. Be gentle, there is no rush. Start at the bottom, get all the tangles out and work your way up. Avoid brushing your hair immediately after a shower. The chemical and warm water makes the hair very soft and more prone to breakage. It’s better to let them air dry and then brush.

  1. Washing

Best routine to wash your extension is twice a week. Almost all extensions can endure some amount of water. But that does not mean that you can take a shower every day or twice a day. Twice a week is good as far as extensions go. Use a mild shampoo and avoid scrubbing too much, stay clear off the area where you have your extensions glued, clipped or taped in. if you have dry hair then you will have no issues showering 2 times a week. But if you have greasy hair then you will need to have regular showers, which can kill your hair extensions. Use dry shampoo to solve this problem. Let your hair air dry after the wash. Try not to blow dry your hair much as that will lead to breakage. Always pick shampoos and conditioners that are free of paraben and sulfate. Natural ingredients, organic products, and less chemical is the best way to make your extensions last longer.

  1. Sleeping

Sleeping right can make your weave last longer. Brush your hair, detangle it before you lie down to sleep. You will still wake up with tangles but there will be less of it for sure. Also, sleep on a pillow that has a silk cover, this will help with the breakage. Do not sleep with your hair open, tie a loose pony or braid to prevent hair fall.

  1. Styling

You can style your Russian virgin ink hair extensions the same way you style your hair. If you are using heated tools then you must always apply for heat protection. Always wash afterward. Get all the tease out and brush before sleeping.

  1. Daily Routine Tips

  2. Use appropriate, finest hair care products.
  3. To detangle use a leave-in conditioner.
  4. Shower with a mild shampoo.
  5. Condition from center to the tips avoid the roots.
  6. Avoid sleeping with damp tape in hair extensions.
  7. When styling starts with a premium heat protect spray.
  8. Avoid the start of the weft when using a hot tool like curler or straightener.
  9. Keep them moisturized, reducing dryness is very important.


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