‘What bicycle should I get’ is a question which is extremely dependent on your personality and your passion for speed and thrill. Before making your final decision, you should research well about the available options in the market from some reliable and useful resources for cycling. Let’s have a quick look at few common types of bicycles that may suit your preferences.

1. Road Bike

This bike is for those who are very passionate on road and make their trip an adventurous one no matter when and where they are going. You will see the skinny tires with dropped handlebars in this bike which is well famous for high speed and efficiency on the roads. It is better to ride on pavements for longer rides as the thin tires are of great help to glide it easily along the road.

2. Mountain Bikes

Best option for riding in a muddy or rough area with lots of obstacles on a way with a wider pair of knobby tires. These bikes have flat handlebars and a suspension to guide cyclist to navigate rocky mountain trails. You can also use these bikes on smooth roads with lesser efficiency as of other bikes.

3. BMX Bike

Bicycle Motor Cross is known as the best option for those who like to race on a short dirt tracks where you get a similar performance of those of motor sport. It is single speed bike with around twenty inches wide tires. The best thing about these bikes is that they are extremely durable and robust which can perform great for doing jumps and tricks on a bumpy track.

4. Commuting Bike

It is a kind of general bicycle used for your daily traveling for work places or any other daily use. You will find all the basic features in this bike like fenders, lights, rear racks, locks and bags. It is also famous to use for an exercise purpose where you can carry on with your regular work while also burn your calories on your way.

5. Touring Bikes

If your answer to the question of what bicycle should I get is for very long rides, then touring bike is the best option for you. You would be amazed with the mounting bolts for cargo racks and fenders with a drop handlebar which is having better relaxed design of frame for comfort of rider. This bike also has a lower gear range for carrying heavy loads up steep hills which is one of the best feature of this bike.

6. Tandem

This bicycle is made to be used by two persons with two seats built in it. Both riders can enjoy riding at the same pace using this bicycle. However, it is considered as one of the best option for beginners, young riders or blind people.

7. Foldable Bike


This bike is great for those who travel a lot and would like to carry their bike with them throughout their trip. You can fold this bike while travelling, it can fit easily on any subway or maybe in a trunk of car or a boat as well. You can also use it for air travelling without any additional charges.

We hope that now you can answer your questions: ‘what bicycle should I get’. Additionally, you can search online for useful cycling resources to get other cycling related answers.


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