As it’s restricted to the 101 corridors, Santa Barbara County brags with the charming amalgamation of limited growth. When it comes to the open space, you’ll find there so may mountainous have protected them. Undoubtedly it’s one of the greatest places to start looking at as long as you get the cooperation from the marine layer. No matter you’re taking benefit of a greatly clear night with the coast or going to the hills, you’ll find something more from these stargazing sports. So, simply you’ll find the suitably great places to do your outdoor activities if you’re looking for best camping in Santa Barbara and some other places in this California state. As a result, you’ll find a lot of good spots in this place, so you can plan your camping activities in any of these spots without difficulty except of Santa Barbara camping.

Jalama Beach Park

Possibly you’ve heard about the famous Jalama Beach if you were ever interested in camping in the Central Coast of California. Locating at the south of Lompoc far away from the west, the beach is a fairly remote spot that puts it well beyond the worst of the light pollution zone of the county. As for the camping, a weekend trip or for any other outdoor activities, this is one of the best spots in Santa Barbara. Since it’s mainly a camping oasis, you’ll get a chance to get to enjoy something more than a rumor to focus on some more things. That’s why this is one of the last spots of beachfront in the region that’s full of natural beauties. And at the time of camping in this place, it’s sincerely a place with windy seashore where the camp stores offer you the tastiest hamburgers.

Lake Cachuma

This lake locates to the north of the Santa Ynez Mountains that’s with the attraction of fishing. It means that if you like fishing this could be your best choice, but it’s a protected fishing lake. Also, from the brightest of the urban lights of the county with the 101 corridors, it’s a great spot for camping and other outdoor activities. When you’re at the clear night in this place, the Milky Way gets more visible here at the most nights. Moreover, if you’re with good vision then you’ll be able to see some of the structure of the Galaxy. When it comes to staying here, you’ll find cabins and yurts to rent at the lake.


Figueroa Campground

This campground is located in the San Rafael Mountains that’s near Los Olivos and it’s one of the favorites of local stargazers as well as for the astronomy. The fact is that it’s relatively isolated from the lights of the city that has made it fully quite and peaceful. Apart from this, the areas of mountains are full of different types of tree that have made green scenery. These all have made the Figueroa Campground is one of the first choices for the nature lovers and for the campers as well.


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