Its winter season and living things are, um, pretty flipping cold. You’ve got your snow pants, socks, back-up gloves, and an awkward-but-warm hat ready to go. From head to toe, the body will insulate and handle any frigid tantrum Mother Nature throws.

But what is a car for you? The right car seat covers winter like all weather mats that will withstand wind and snow and not tear in cold conditions. The challenge is not up to any cloth. Here’s how to find out your car’s perfect winter car seat covers.

Weigh The Fabric Options

For you, the right winter car seat covers might be a material you’ve never talked of before. Keep your mind open! Water-resistant, puncture-proof, and can be tossed in the washing machine are some of the better fabrics for winter weather.

Here are some of our favorite winter car seat cover materials and some tips directly from our consumer feedback and scores.

Ensure the Proper Fit for Total Coverage

The last comment on picking car seat covers for winter: make sure they suit! There’s sneaky snow, ice, and mud. To get into and penetrate the initial chairs, they can search for some crevice or gap.

It is important to locate a wrap-around seat cover that suits the car the right way when you’re tracking in excess moisture and other debris.

Custom Seat Covers

These seat covers have designed for the exact make and model, on the bright side. They can also cover the car with armrests, headrests, and other special features.

It’s custom that’s the way to go if you want to maintain a glove-like fit. One possible downside: If you trade your vehicle in the coming season, you can’t actually move these covers between vehicles.

Universal Seat Covers

Such covers have meant to suit most cars, such as sedans or SUVs, in your car class. These car seats might be appealing if you choose something more flexible that can shift from vehicle to vehicle.

Plus, it will make them more affordable. If you go for universal seat covers, for optimum coverage, make sure they also extend under the benches.

Neoprene Seat Covers

It seems counterintuitive that a strong winter fabric will be the material used for wetsuits during the season. But oh, that’s it. Seat covers made of neoprene have made of a soft fabric mix that wicks away water from the seats and dries very easily.

When the snow from your jacket melts en route, you won’t have to lie in a soggy seat. As long as you have a gentle soap and a wet cloth on hand, this fabric is typically fairly easy to clean too.

The Bottom Line

Can you change the appearance of the interior of your vehicle? Time for those winter car seat covers to go shopping! Not only can new seat covers breathe new air into the look of your vehicle just like the all-weather floor mats, but when the weather gets nasty, they better protect the value of your car.


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