Stylist Secrets of Celebrity for Achieving Perfect Hair

All celebrities are always ready with their hair. Like they are leaving a gym or walking in the red carpet, it doesn’t matter. It is prepared to take the photo. She and George Papanikolas Matrix Celebrity Stylist work with the style setters of high profile.

Such as Lydia Hearst, Miranda Kerr, Hannah Davis, Madonna, Khloe Kardashian. Also, they know about how to carry the perfect hair daily. Here are some tips for you before you look for “barbers near me”.

Starting with some basic ideas

Select a perfect hair color and haircut for you from the “barber shop close to me”. Also, the haircut needs to look flatter the face, the body shape, the hair texture and so on. You may have curly hair or straight hair, do not fight it.

The reason is it will create problem while styling the hair. Once you expose in humidity or precipitation, the hair will revert the natural state.  

Apply Perfect Hair Color

If you select the perfect hair color, the hair will look healthy and shiny. Also, the skin looks luminous. The hair expert picks the hair color for the client. Besides, they try to match the hair color with the client’s hair.

They do not go with two shades darker or lighter for the hair color. Even you may want to highlight the hair. So the stylist will weave in 2 or 3 complementary colors for a natural result. The hairstylist can make the hair balayage then apply highlights in the middle of the hair.    

Apply the Right Styling Products, Conditioner and Shampoo

Though, you may think selecting the hair care products is an essential thing. Most of the people use hair care products whatever they get. But this is not the right thing because it can damage the hair health.

The conditioning and cleansing routine makes the hair healthy and perfect. Plus conditioner will hold moisture in the hair. Also, use a useful hair mask for repairing the hair damage and restore moisture and shine.    

Never Let the Hair Frizzy

Flyway and fuzz hair never helps to make any hairstyle. For keeping hair sleek apply the styling gel, crème or lotion before you dry the hair and hair spray as well. If you have more massive hair, then an anti-frizz process will be much richer for that.

Apply for the thermal protection if you want to blow-dry the hair. Also, use the proper hairbrush for the hair. The flat iron can add the extra polish finish to the hair.

Try to Have Backup Hairstyle

Sometimes, you may get late for office, college, flight, meeting and many more things. For this, you need to have the backup hairstyle. Also, the celebrity stylist keeps the backup plan for such things. The low ponytail will be a great option.

Gather all hair and apply light hairs prey then make a ponytail. Or take the velvet headband then place it in a suitable place. This simple thing will make you look beautiful and ready. Always apply something unique and simple. It will add extra charm to the hair.


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