Glass bottles are a permanent waste for nature. So, you will need to recycle them somehow. The fun fact about wine bottles is that you can customize them with the least effort, and they will still be aesthetic. For instance, you can get custom engraved wine bottles at shops. Also, you can go DIY with them.

Customizing wine bottles is not that hard. You can almost make anything with zero hassle. But, you need to be careful with these wine bottles as they are fragile. Wine bottles can be harmful and can cause serious accidents. So, heavy DIY is not necessary. Here in this article about customizing wine bottles, we will give you some DIY creative ideas.

Pendant Lamps

You can make hanging lamps from wine bottles with almost no hassle. You will just need a handful of wine bottles and some lights. LED lights are delicate if you don’t want any extra trouble. But, to give it a different feel, you can use halogen bulbs. Halogen bulbs will provide more tint through the stained wine bottles.

Firstly, get a bottle. You can get the stained ones. But make sure they are washed and dried correctly. You will use electricity in this DIY. So, make sure everything is dry from the inside and outside. Connect some wires with your LED bulbs and put them in the bottle. Now keep the bottles in a row and give power.

Custom Glass Panels

You can make customized glass panels through wine bottles. You cannot dump wine bottles anywhere. As they are glass material, you will need to reuse or recycle them. For this now, we will talk about how you can customize glass panels with wine bottles. You will need only some wine bottles and a frame to hold them.

First, you will need to cut the bottom of the wine bottles. Take the piece from the bottom and keep them separately. Be careful during the cutting of the bottles. After everything, put all the bottle pieces in a frame and glue them together.

Wrapped vases

Wrap some cotton fibers around a wine bottle and see how it looks. Wine bottles can be used as vases. You may use some extra elements to make it look more beautiful. Or you can just simply use them as vases.

For wrapped wine bottle vases, you will need something to cover them. It can have some cotton fibers or standard art paper. We prefer the cotton ones as they are easy to wrap and light in weight.

Bird feeder

Bird feeders are a trend now in almost every garden. Bird feeders are both easy to buy and easy to make. You can use your leftover wine bottles as bird feeders too.

You can buy them from your local hardware stores easily. But to make a bird feeder, you will need a hefty amount of hardware. Mainly, you will need a tiny drop door for supplying the feeds. Other than that, it is effortless to install and make, too.


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