When you see the high priced phones like Galaxy Note 9 and iPhones X, many people are looking for iPhone 5s cheapest price Australia. It’s true that most smartphones are not available in cheap prices, but you’ll find some handsets that come with a lot of feature at cheaper prices. For example, you can choose the 4-inch iPhone SE that’s available for just $599 and it fails to spot the score by about 100 dollars. That’s why we’re going to present some of the much cheap mobile phones that are coming with so many amazing features. So, simply follow us if you like to buy a decent mobile handset for a cheap price that need not break your bank.

Well, let’s know about some smartphones that are comparatively cheaper

Apple iPhone 5S

You’ll not find any iPhone in the list of cheaper phones, but 5S is the one that one of the cheapest piece for iOS fans. You can grab it for $429 from Telstra with 16 GB version and it is the best iPhone 5s contract Australia. Besides, you can get it from Kogan website that does not contract basis for $429 as well. If we talk about the phone it comes with Touch ID, silver or gray in color, and 8MP impressive camera.

Nokia 7.1

Another great piece is from Nokia that feels and looks like a premium. If we talk about the specs of Nokia 7.1 you’ll find it really amazing. For example, it has a vibrant HDR display with a stylish design and it’s a really great one for only $499. In this price, you’ll get a real taste of high-speed mobile experience with 4 GB RAM plus 64 GB internal storage. Also, you’ll get Snapdragon 636 chipset inside that’s really not found for this priced phones.

Motorola Moto G6

It’s going to increase its price for the next phones by $50 from Moto G5 to Moto G5S and Moto G6. finally, it’s an expensive phone that’s available for $400. It’s true it has bumped its price, but it provides you a lot of new premium features for you. The most striking feature is its new 18:9 aspect ratio that allows you to get more vertical space to watch a video or play games. Another amazing feature is its glass rear panel that helps to make it attractive in design.

Huawei Y7

This is a capable device with a sleek design that will draw your attention with its processing power, graphics, and long battery life. It’s somehow more budget handset with 2 GB RAM, but 720p display presents you the better quality videos and images. And its 4000mAh long lasting battery makes you able to go for the whole day for outdoor and long hours to watch videos or games. So, Huawei Y7 is the best choice for you if you’re looking for a cheap phone for $249.

Bottom Line

These are some the cheaper priced phones that you can get if you’re in the tight budget. But, these are not all about and there are some others as well to check out. These include Oppo A57 for $328 and Nokia 6.1 for $399.


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