You might not be familiar with mobile phone plans SIM only if you’re using a contract phone for two or more year’s phone plan cycle. This plan needs your personal handset to use and it’s an alternative plan, unlike a year-long contract. If you want to get this plan, you don’t need to buy a new handset and you’ll just get a SIM card instead.

When you’ll insert the SIM card onto your mobile device, it’ll bring you to its mobile network. So, you’re almost all set – just need to unlock your phone and choose a suitable plan – you’re all set to go. While going with SIM only plan, you’re free of going with the hassle of signing up for a long term contract for a new handset. Also, you’ll get most of the options and inclusions of other plans if you choose a SIM only plan.

Why You Should Go with SIM Only Plan

It’s the potentiality of saving some money in the short term is the most obvious reason to go with a SIM-only plan. Also, including your current plan and don’t want to replace it, there are some other things that you consider to get from this plan. When you need to swap between phones, you can choose this plan.

Moreover, if you find your mobile or data usage is getting varied from one month to another then you can take this plan. Another most important factor is that this plan is worth staying into if you think you’re happy with the existing phone and like to save some cash from your mobile bills.

Now, let’s know about some different SIM only plans available in the market.

SIM-Only Plans: Prepaid

Prepaid SIM-only plans are the best suit for you if you don’t like to be anxious about possible coverage and want to pay in advance. In this case, you’ll have to pay for a wide number of credit or inclusions in every billing time of 28, 30, or 35-day’s duration. When you’ll exceed the limit and period, you have to recharge manually before making any call, text or data usage.

Like the postpaid plans, prepaid phone plans are also somehow quite competitive. The brands of providers like Boost Mobile, Ovo Mobile, and Amysim offer some great deals that you can take a look. Also, you’ll find some great value in the brands of supermarket plans like ALDI Mobile with some different inclusions.

SIM Only Plans: 12-Month

It’s true that some people take a SIM only plan so that they can avoid the hassle of signing contracts. But, you’ll get the largest deals while getting 12-month basis SIM only plans. As the Telcos like to keep you stick around them, they make year-long plans that also come with some largest value. So, if you don’t fear to be committed, this is a good way to get better value and some more inclusions.

You’ll find that Telstra and Vodafone offer some great things, but it’s better to go with smaller providers like Moose and Southern Mobile. This is because smaller ones offer almost double benefit than toppers with bonuses and reduction of charges as well.


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