It’s not enough that you get the unlimited phone plans Australia these days, you also should know about the biggest mobile operators of the country. Since the calling card time, the familiar names are still getting going strongly. Also, you’ll find some dozens of new providers are selling their different type of mobile plans at affordable prices. As it’s good to get options to choose from, it’s still to pay extra attention to the biggest three companies. So, when the retail mobile carriers market was opened for the third party entrants, you have a good chance to get the lower prices. Now, the question is that which three are the top mobile companies in Australia. But, the third party is relied on the biggest three operators, including Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone.

Telstra vs. Optus vs. Vodafone

The above-said three companies are the controller of the most other mobile providers of the country. That’s why we’re going to talk about these threes as they are top of all providers and companies. Also, all of them are trying hard to extend their services all over the country to provide great coverage. Now, you can think it’s a good idea to get connected with these threes directly. So, if you get any deals of the said carriers then you’re right at the many cases. But, if you think about the third party providers, you may get so many limitations with them in many cases. It’s true that it’s not a regular issue for your voice calls, but you can experience an issue with your mobile data speed. Besides, they’re also getting new and latest techs to offer the most to their users.


Veteran Telstra Mobile is still being the largest mobile operator in Australia with a reputation for being the highest expensive one. Its first goal is to be able to boast the biggest coverage in the country and they have got success as well. You’ll find the coverage in such places of the country that other twos can’t think about it. It means that it has not come to the top choice of millions of users, it simply deserves so. But, when it comes to the different plans, you have spoilt your choices if you use this provider.


You know it’s simple that these big threes like to compete with each other in various ways. It’s because they know that a large part of their users likes to be happy with their phone plans and coverage. It’s not always possible to get both of these two at the same provider, but Optus mobile has broken the speed records for downloading of data before any other competitors.


It’s true that it came under fire for the poor network before a few years, but it has upgraded itself using millions of dollars. As a result, now they’re one of the best carriers in the country with 4G coverage with a lot of happy customers who enjoy best cheap phone plans Australia. These all have made it the third largest mobile operators in Australia.


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