3 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Video Baby Monitor

3 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Video Baby Monitor

Standard video monitors have some advantages over newer monitor systems that offer Wi-Fi or sleep tracking: no one can hack your Wi-Fi with a video monitor, and it’s sometimes nice to have your baby gear working independently of your phone (especially if you’re trying to cut back on your own screen time).

However, not everyone’s need is the same. Especially when it comes to trending baby products, it’s hard to determine whether you need an upgrade or not! In this blog post, I’ll give you some insider recommendations on what to look for while comparing all those online specs!

#1. Minor improvements may make a big difference.

When you compare an iPhone X to an iPhone from a few years ago, you’ll see that the previously crystal sharp photographs have become less so. Baby monitors are the same way. 

Bigger panels with HD resolution have quickly replaced smaller screens with a lesser resolution, sometimes at the same price. Even if a monitor from a few years ago had a high reputation, the technology might have become obsolete. 

Look for specifications like 720p or 1080p when comparing features. Larger, better-quality monitors make it easier to observe your kid (and answer queries like “Are they genuinely awake or are they performing the half-sleep cry?”).

#2. Look for a longer-lasting battery.

Battery life is one of those features that’s easy to overlook. However, you’re unlikely to constantly be in the same part of your home while looking in on your youngster (you may want to peek in on them while cooking dinner or catching up on your nightly Netflix without having to get up). And if you have to constantly plug in your monitor every few hours, it will be less valuable.

If you’re the kind who only charges your phone once a day and want the same for your baby monitor, search for one with long battery life (it should last at least 12 hours when in video mode and at least 24 hours in audio-only mode, so you only have to charge it once a day).

#3. Babies do not sleep in the same place for long periods.

Have you ever noticed how every image of a baby monitor depicts a newborn in the center of their crib, either wide awake or peacefully asleep? When newborns first start rolling over, they nap in all sorts of strange postures. It’s simpler to keep an eye on them if your camera can wander about. 

Look for systems that allow you to move from side to side (also known as pan) and up and down (also known as tilt). This may also be useful when your kid becomes a bit older, and you want to keep an eye on them while they’re playing alone in their room.

Final Words

Choosing a monitor entails determining what you need for peace of mind, just like selecting any trending baby product. You can decide that you don’t need all the additional features offered these days. Even if you choose a standard video arrangement, the simpler it is to view your infant, the more likely you will be able to keep your promise of peace of mind. 


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