Cards were undoubtedly one of the best greeting mediums of all time. For instance, you can give your boss birthday greetings cards to be humble. Cards are a form of a special personal gift. Whether a birthday wish or a simple sorry note, you can do everything with just some simple handmade card.

You can make birthday cards for boss with no hassle if you follow some simple steps. You can go completely DIY with these cards. And also, they are extremely easy to get. Handmade card ideas are vast, and you can get them anywhere. Here, we will give some simple steps you can follow. Don’t worry; these pop-ups. Popup is extremely easy with no special requirements.

#1. Foil Cards

Foil cards are a new version of the foldable popup cards. Cards like these are easy to make and need just a few amounts of ingredients. Go to the store to get some paint and some hard paper. If you want to make it colorful, then get some extra color paper. Or, if you want to keep it casual, you can paint it manually.

Set the hard paper on a canvas. Don’t put it on a wet surface because you will be using water paint. So, it may fade out if put on a wet surface. After putting the paper in, do some typography according to the theme you want. After that, you can color it according to your need.

#2. Multipage Cards

Usually, cards come in two pages. But, you can take a step further and put some extra layers into your cards. Requirements for these are the same as basic cards. But, you will need to do an extra bit of hassle. You will need hard paper and some paint for making the cards.

Prepare your hard paper on a canvas separately. After putting the papers in a stable and dry place, do some rough art on the paper with a pencil. If you are done doing the rough paper then start painting them according to your theme. So, here’s the hassle you will need to glue or staple the extra pages to make a multiple-page card.

#3. Ornamental Cards

Ornamental cards always give a special feeling. But going DIY with them is hard and quite a bit of hassle. These cards are made with some extra elements like origamis and some small ornaments.

Get some paper and make some origami with them. You can also buy pre-made origami and ornaments from the store. After buying or making them, just glue them with the card you made, and that’s all.

#4. Pop-up Cards

Going DIY with a popup card is feasible if you have enough energy to maintain the hassle. Pop-up cards give an extra feeling of specialty if you are planning for birthdays, and also like it a lot.

Gather some paper and paint them. After painting with some color, the paper makes some foldable origamis and glides the end to the side of the papers, and that’s all.


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