Tips to Clean Up Kids’ Messes of Slime and Others

If you think cleaning is rocket science, it’s not exactly that. It needs to pay detail attention, some know-how, and the proper supplies. Thus, it’s not so difficult to clean your house unlit you’re on the top of junk and kids. House cleaning goes into two different categories like before kids and the other one is after getting kids.

If you don’t have an idea how the kid can make an untidiness, then you don’t know how challenging the task to clean them. No problem with dropped taco or spilled milk. But, you need a special plan of action when there are messes like notoriously untidy toys and foods along with some other kid-related things.

So, avoid calling a commercial cleaning company and do something your own, instead. Let’s know what you can do in these cases without the help of “commercial cleaning services near me”.


Simple sliming might be one of your kids’ favorite playing things as it’s gooey and sticky. This is a simple thing that you can make it using water, school glue, and borax at your home. Although it’s easy to make and mess, it’s not so easy to clean slime. You’ll easily understand when you know slime is nothing but a non-Newtonian liquid.

Also, it works both ways of like a liquid and a solid. But, one thing is clear that it’s tough to clean out. If there is excessive slime in clothes, then remove them nicely. Use a paper-made towel or take it out using your hands when you get it still moist. Now, use a butter knife to take dried slime off, but it needs time to compete for the task.

However, take care of your clothes from damaging them. Keep the clothes in water with white vinegar for 5 minutes, but avoid drying the vinegar anyway. After that run hot water over the slime stain and rinse off it.

Silly String

This is another challenging mess that your kids like to do. Like slime, cleaning up silly string is also tough to clean out. It’s because the silly string is a type of solvent and becomes solid from its liquid form when it gets a touch of air. So, let’s know what you should do with this silly string.

Make the silly string dry and after that use a brush to take it off. Now, use a sponge to take out the stain along with a bar of dish soap and cold water. It’s time to pretreat the stain with a scrubber then wash and make the clothing dry.

In this case, you may use the stain remover that you use for your laundry purpose. It’s because this is safe for your hand and your fabric. Also, you can use vinegar as a pre-soak that has set in and caked on.

Peanut Butter

It might be funny to your kids, but not for you when you go to clean out. Also, it gets tougher if you make much late to clean. Moreover, there is another issue with peanut butter that it’s not sticky or gooey, but its fat makes your cleaning process difficult.


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