1. Positive Office Culture

Hospitals and healthcare facilities have identified that creating a good office culture that adds value to the employees’ core values gives them an enhanced feeling of job satisfaction and encourages them to strive for perfection in everyday tasks. A positive office culture starts at the leadership level and strives to bring doctors, managers and other office position holders on the same page while giving mutual respect and motivation.

2. Transparency

Part of building a strong and dedicated team is to be upfront with them about any major advances and announcements that you plan on doing. These changes should never come as a surprise and indirectly threaten your employees. Being honest about your future perspectives makes your employees and staff feel that they are truly appreciated in the organization.

3. Practice Empathy and Compassion

Practicing empathy with your team members takes compassion and care to next level. It’s important to realize that your team members can experience burnout and frustration especially in the healthcare system where the most precious years of their professional life are spent tending to patients with dangerous chronic diseases and witnessing the pain and agony. Supervisors should arrange weekly sessions where they not only express gratitude to their team but communicate to them that it is indeed an accomplishment for them and their organization and that they understand the challenges and difficulties that they face.


4. Treat Employees as Real People Not Resources

It’s easy to get caught up in the workload and focus on the numbers when piles and piles of workload appears. In the midst of it all, always remember that at the end of the day the medical practitioner and nursing staff are real humans who can make mistakes, it’s important to discuss when things get out of hand and offer encouragement and rewards when a huge task is accomplished.

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5. Encourage Personal Growth

Each member of your team has certain goals and ambitions for themselves. It can get exhausting in the daily drill of workload and patient care to work towards improving yourself personally. That’s where the team leader should step in, identify individual goals and work towards providing the necessary skill set and resources to help your team achieve a greater sense of self.

6. Recognition

Recognizing the endeavors of your team members can significantly raise their job satisfaction and help improving their sense of self confidence. It’s important to introduce a reward system in your healthcare facility where supervisors should recognize their teams’ accomplishments by perhaps giving out letters of appreciations, certificates, bonuses or a simple acknowledgement in front of the whole team. The simplest of steps can go to great lengths for improving your organizations outcomes.


7. Make Room for Leisure Activities

In the midst of constantly overworking and overburdening your employees, it’s good to take an opportunity every now and then to relax and unwind. Examples include arranging a fun and creative seminar, throwing surprise birthday parties, scheduling dress up days on a weekly or monthly basis and arranging social events outside of the facility to let your employees have some downtime.

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