Before you plan to dispose of your old copier, know that some parts of the copier can be toxic. They are the worst for the environment. And it’s illegal.

A dumpster is not the right place for an old copier. Here are better ways to get rid of it.

1. Recycle It

You will find plenty of large recycling companies that take old electronics. They will be more than happy to pick your copier. Some cities have dedicated electronic waste companies that can help you dispose of equipment such as copiers, printers, desktop, etc. You just have to make an appointment and they will pick up the item from your location against a minimal fee.

Check with the city hall in your city to look for an e-waste collection center. It’s the simplest option for getting rid of a copier safely without harming the environment. Some counties hold events for collecting electronic waste for businesses in their communities. The program lasts for 2-3 days. It’s designed to help businesses dispose of the electronics that are either broken or outdated. You can also hire a junk and trash removal Austin TX service, which will take the copier and other unwanted items, and then recycle or donate them.

2. Resell and Make Money

They say one man’s garbage could be another’s treasure. Is your copier in good working condition but your business is ready to use an updated version? No problem. You can resell your old one to another business owner.

Use auction websites to post an ad for your copier. Look for startups that cannot afford to buy a new copier on lease. This could prove to be an affordable investment for them.

Reselling a copier can be a pain, but the great news is that you can make some money by selling it even if it doesn’t work. This has a lot to do with where you live. You will have to spend some time finding places that actually accept the brand and type of your copier.

3. Return It

If nothing works, call the manufacturer of your copier. They are always willing to take old items back. Best Buy, Apple and other businesses accept old electronics back. However, you might have to pay a fee even if it’s a return.

If you are not sure about how to contact the manufacturer, ask the seller or store from where you bought the copier in the first place. They should be able to tell you if the manufacturer has a policy regarding accepting old electronics.

4. Donate

You can also donate your old copier to a private owner or a business. So many people are out there that could use this favor! Ask friends or co-workers if they know a company that needs a copier. You can also list it on Craigslist. Anyone who needs one will come and pick it up from your office. Alternatively, you can get a junk removal Austin TX service to remove all the unnecessary items for you and donate or recycle them.


When you are upgrading to a new copier, don’t throw the old one away. Recycle, donate, resell or return. Copiers contain chemicals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and more. They can be dangerous to the environment. Therefore, follow the right action plan to get rid of this piece of equipment.


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