You know that Americans love their cars!

A study shows that 9 out of every 10 households in America has one car per driver. So, there are lots of vehicles, and there is a lot of drivers.

With the evolution of electric and smart cars, vehicle-smartphone integration is getting famous today. Be it a car info app or a find your car app, drivers love to have some control of their car at their palm.

Here are some apps that every car owner must try.

#1 Find My Car

If you have ever parked your car at a shopping mall or music venue only to walk out hours late and not know where you parked, you are not alone! Find my car makes it as convenient as finding your parking car. The free software uses navigation from Google Maps, takes photos of your parking spot, and stores as many locations as you want.

But Find My Car is more than just a basic car-parking app with GPS. It also helps users recall each other location’s GPS coordinates (i.e. your car, your hotel, or a meeting point). Users can share stored places with friends.

#2 Car Maintenance

MyCARFAX’s Car Maintenance is a car control software. That means a lot of stuff you can keep an eye on. From the app, you can see all of your maintenance and fixes.

When it’s time for extra repairs or even to update your registration, the app warns you. To keep things ordered, it’s one of the best car applications.

#3 PlugShare

Do you drive an Electric Vehicle (EV)? You need to PlugShare on the phone. PlugShare helps you search worldwide charging sites. Planning a trip and not knowing where to stop your car for juice? With PlugShare, without charging points, you no longer have to think about prolonged distances.

Look, when you’re nearly empty, we all know how annoying it can be to find a gas station; imagine trying to track down a much rarer charging station. This one is for you, owners of Tesla!

#4 AutoCare

Driving a car is a responsibility rather than amusement. All too many individuals do not consider it needs and are “rewarded” down the road with costly issues. Don’t be one of those persons. Auto Care is a free app which allows you to manage the maintenance needs of your car.

Use Auto Care to keep on top of your car’s service records instead of just running into Jiffy Lube every once a while. Depending on month or size, you’ll get updates and be able to chart how far you’ve invested in your car. And because Auto Care operates with Dropbox, all your details can be backed up for safekeeping.

#5 Carinfo

Car info is one of the best car apps and is an all-in-one app to find car info. You have a customized profile where you can access thousands of cars and bikes and access the specifications and features.

You will simply input the car number and get 10 + vehicle details, including registration date, name of the driver, insurance details, etc.

Have you tried out any of these before? Let us know.


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