We know DICOM as a short form of Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine. In this format, you’ll get the most files with an extension of DCM, but some can come without any extension in any way.

This is a file format and a communications protocol. As a result, it enables you to accumulate medical data with a patient’s record in a single file. It does not just ensure that the data remains all together; it also provides the capability to transfer the data between DICOM supported devices.

Besides, MicroDICOM is one of the free DICOM file viewing app for Windows as well as osirix free. This app is aimed to process and store the primary patients’ images in DCM extension. Also, while using this app, you can open images that have been made by equipment like MRI, CT, and PET.

Moreover, it can open some other types of files like BMP, JPEG, TIFF, etc. Thus, there are many things to know about these two things and let’s know them below:


Use Free Viewers to Open DCM File

You can view DCM/DCM 30 files with using DICOM viewing software. You’ll get its disc/flash drive that has given to you subsequent to medical practice. You should look for the setup file (setup.exe) or some similar ones to install it in your system.

To work with the DICOM viewer, you need the option of free MicroDICOM program. If you don’t have it, you can’t run any DICOM viewer. You can view the files like X-ray or some others image instantly from the CD/DVD with the help of this option.

You’ll be able to view the metadata that has exported it as a TIF, JPG, or some other common image formats when one is you have opened in MicroDicom. You’ll find the free Jack Imaging viewer is one option when you’d rather use web-supported apps to view these files.

What Is DICOM Library?

It’s another free app for DICOM file viewing. This app is very useful if you have DCM files that are very large. In this issue, RadiAnt is another good DICOM file viewer that’s also a more downloadable app to open DCM files.

But, this is just a trial version of the complete app. Besides, ViewMyScans is an app for online viewing of DCM files. This app supports ZIP archives and singles files as well. You also can open these types of files using some other viewers like Irfan View, GIMP, and Adobe Photoshop.


Tips to Convert a DCM File

The mentioned MicroDicom app can send whatever DCM files you get to GIF, BMP, JPG, TIF, PNG, or WMF. Also, it supports you to save them to some video files in the AVI or WMV format if there are some images in a series.

You’ll find some other apps to convert files into DCM extension by following a simple step. You just need to open the file and then choose the Save As option or Export menu. That’s all and you’re all set with your medical images.


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