Tips to Prevent Common Problems with Conveyor Belts

The conveyor belt has countless ramifications right through the entire system if it’s not working accurately. When the whole operating system including the bulk material handling equipment makes off the schedule, it stops productivity, and you lose lots of money.

So, preventing possible problems before they appear is the right way to make the convey belts running. If you want to do it, you should be consistently careful. Also, you have to perform regular checking of the entire system to find if somewhere issues are remaining.

It’ll also help you notice when there any other part of the linear motion track system or something else a bit out of order. Likewise, some more things are in the system can make problems for the entire conveying process. Let’s know some common problems of the conveyor belts.

Check for Possible Buildups

As we said already, you have to keep checking the regular system basis. So, you have to perform a routine check-up for its cleanliness and carefully inspect it from tip to toe. Also, do it for all sides and all ways you can imagine.

Try to find out buildups such as residue, debris, and dirt of all types. Remove them from anywhere you find any kind, small or large in amount, of buildup from the system.

The most common buildup is debris that affects the tracking system. Also, the issue can make the belt with the wrong alignment and may create a blockage in the system.

Clean The System Routinely

It’s the process that needs to perform by checking for different types of buildups. But, if you keep it clean routinely, it reduces the possibility of facing the issue of buildups.

So, you have to make a habit of check the whole system regular basis. It’ll help you to find the problems before they become more significant enough to stop running your entire system.

Apart from dirt, you also should clean the other buildups that may even happen due to the drop in the materials or stuff. No matter what the buildups are, you can’t keep them untreated.

Ensure The Convey Belt Is Straight Cut

The feature of checking the convey belt is at the right align or not doesn’t need to perform every day. But, it’s very vital to keep an eye on this analysis. Typically, all belts are cut and make a perfect way.

However, this is also possible that you can get one of them with the defect. That means one of the belts might be cut differently, and it may make an issue for the entire system.

If you’re not familiar with this defect of the system, you may keep it untreated. That might be causing all types of chaos in the conveyor system throughout mistracking.

Replace Worn Parts

It’s advice that doesn’t need to say. But, this is very crucial, and it draws particular attention. The conveyor system requires replacing if any part of it gets to wear away.

It’ll set damage on some other parts since they act to take the additional load that the spoiled part loses the capability.


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