Webinars let your business interact with prospects and consumers, generating leads and facilitating engagement. However, your rivals are certainly vying for the same attention. You want to offer a professional, helpful resource for people who have decided to attend your session.

Before leading the planning and production of a company-sponsored webinar, there are certain concerns and essential skills to learn as a webinar host. To make your webinars more exciting and memorable, use this video conferencing guide!

Before The Webinar

Here are some suggestions to help you confidently prepare for your webinar.

  • Examine your lighting and video. Make sure you and anybody else who will be on camera can be seen clearly.
  • Make sure your sound and audio are in working order. Use a headset that provides the greatest overall sound for you and your guests.
  • Get to know your target market. On your registration page, ask open-ended questions to gather the information that will assist you in customizing your event material to individuals who intend to attend.
  • Contact the people who have signed up. Send them confirmation emails and reminder notifications emphasizing the importance of their attendance at the event.
  • Practice delivering your speech! Go through your slide deck again and again until you feel comfortable with your speech.

During The Webinar

Utilize these features of your corporate video conferencing software solution:

  • Polls — You may use polls to take opinions from the audience.
  • Chat — During the webinar, you may utilize chat in a variety of ways. Allow everyone to view messages and replies in the chat room, including attendees and panelists.
  • Hand Raise – You may want to do some spontaneous polling to get people talking!
  • Surveys — Including a post-event survey may provide you a lot of information about how your audience felt about your presentation. Use survey questions to assess the amount of interaction created by the webinar and what content resonated with participants. You may utilize a third-party service, such as SurveyMonkey.

After The Webinar

Here are some recommended practices for getting more mileage out of your event:

  • Reports – After the session, you may run six different reports! Reports allow you to keep track of how well your content and presentation were received by your audience.
  • The registration report – This report may be accessed at any time and contains all the information gathered on the registration page.
  • The attendance report – shows who attended the event, when they arrived when they departed and how long they were connected.
  • The Q&A report — This document contains the exact questions that were asked.
  • The survey report – Gather detailed input from your audience to help you plan your next event.
  • On-demand webinar – Make the webinar recording accessible after the live event for anyone who wishes to see it later. Setting your webinar on-demand allows you to fence the recording and collect important information about who watches it, as well as continuing to generate leads after your live event.
  • Follow-up — Creating and sending follow-up emails is a smart habit. You may send a thank you note and perhaps a link to further information to webinar participants. You may give the link to the recording to absentees — individuals who registered but were unable to attend — so they can still watch the session.


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