8 Fascinating Facts About Samsung

Here are some interesting and fun facts about Samsung you might have never read before. You should know them before opting in for Samsung phone plans.

1. Samsung Employees

Samsung is not just an electronic and tech company. According to a report by Android Authority, Samsung has more than 50 unlisted and 20 listed companies. They have a wide range of products and services in Korea. From financial services, shipbuilding, to medical industries- Samsung is serving the world. At the moment, its employee strength is around 489,000.

2. Burj Khalifa and Samsung

Samsung also has a construction company that offers its services throughout the world. There is no doubt that Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world located in Dubai. The fun fact is that it was built by Samsung construction company. They were given the contract to construct the tallest skyscraper in the world. They have presence in over 80 countries including Korea.

3. Samsung in 1970

Not many people know that Samsung adventure started in 1970s with an ambition of black and white television. In the next fifteen years, the company also started making other products. In 1986, they ventured to make mobile phones as well. And today, Samsung is considered one of the most valuable companies in the world with a wide range of products and services.

4. Samsung Logo

We know that companies keep changing and updating their logos. Just look at the Apple logo. It was very weird in the beginning but now it is quite stunning. But Samsung logo has been changed just three times since the company started working. The current logo used by Samsung was decided in 1993 and after that they have not changed. The logo is quite simple and not as fascinating as have other companies.

5. First CDMA Phone

Samsung introduced its first phone in 1996 which was called SCH-100 and it was the first phone to have used CDMA technology. At that time, CDMA was a new technology and helped Samsung enter the phone market. However, over the years Samsung has been making some outstanding products when it comes to phones and smartphones. Today, Samsung is regarded as a reliable name for the best smartphones.

6. Samsung’s First Smartphone

Samsung is believed to have introduced the first smartphone of the world with colorful screen. This was SPH-i300 and it looked quite great. The year was 2001 when Samsung got aggressive about smartphones. The phone also had a phone call feature and ran Palm operating system. The first ever smartphone was released for the US market and it did quite well at that time. You can buy some amazing mobile plans Australia now.

7. Top Selling Phone

You may not know but Samsung’s best-selling phone is E1100 which managed to sell over 150 million units. This is big and it made Samsung capture the great market shares in phone industry. However, the phone was discontinued in 2012 and you will not be able to see it anymore. However, there are many more Samsung phone plans you can avail, of course.

8. Galaxy S4

Samsung is famous for its S series smartphones. Do you know which phone in this series is the best-selling one? That is Galaxy S4. And now Samsung has released its Galaxy S10, but S4 still remains the most popular smartphone in history of Samsung.


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