Smart homes are all the rage right now. And with good reason: by 2023, the global smart home industry is expected to be worth €45 billion ($53.5 billion), with the number of smart homes expected to surpass 300 million.

The dramatic increase in smart home blogs is understandable. In a competitive market, actual specialists might be challenging to come by. That’s why we’ve combed the internet for the best-written and all-encompassing smart home technology blog available.

Here’s what we think is the best of the lot!

#1. CNET

CNET, the world’s most popular technology review site, has its own dedicated smart home blog. CNET is well ahead of the curve for breaking smart home news and cutting-edge reviews of the greatest gadgets, gizmos, and smart home products on the market.

These persons are experts in their field. High-quality photos and a streamlined design support expert analysis and concise, compelling writing. This site is the sharpest of the bunch regarding smart home blogging.

#2. TechHive 

This blog covers a lot of ground. TechHive is difficult to surpass for the sheer number of review categories and the depth of each item. This blog may be for you if you’re the kind of techie who wants to know every detail about a product before purchasing it.

The material on TechHive is mainly focused on exciting gadgets and entertainment, such as audio/visual equipment, security drones, and smart lighting systems. While there isn’t much in the way of smart kitchen and bathroom material, the smart home enthusiast will find enough to enjoy.

#3. TechRadar

TechRadar has a worldwide reach that is difficult to match, with editions in 19 different countries across the globe. It’s highly consumer-oriented, with a plethora of reviews and top-ten product articles covering the whole range of smart home gadgets available.

They don’t simply skim the surface, though; each review is in-depth, well-structured, and fascinating, with a good mix of quality and quantity.

#4. Make Tech Easier

Make Tech Easier is an excellent smart home blog that makes smart home tech accessible and clear for everyone. It is specifically geared at tech rookies and people who may be turned off by the technical language of the smart home scene.

Their expertise is in how-to guides, with clear, engaging, and often hilarious guidance on topics ranging from smart security and voice assistant integration to smart lighting and geofencing.

#5. Pocket-Lint 

Pocket-lint, a recognized authority on consumer technology, has lately focused on smart homes. Content that educates and entertains equally includes buyer’s guides, reviews, news, and the newest discounts.

The news sections on Pocket-lint are exceptionally outstanding, which is unsurprising given that it is handled by a professional staff of tech writers from across the globe. Apart from its committed following, big tech firms take this great site seriously, with Apple, Samsung, Sky, and LG all using Pocket-lint in their marketing over the last year.

Last but not least…

New Age Home is busy establishing our own dedicated smart home technology blog that covers a variety of smart home subjects as part of our mission to deliver the finest tech help directly to your home.

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