Today we will talk about one most vital thing of our everyday life that is sunscreen. If one use sunscreen regularly, your 80% skin problem will solve automatically. Mostly, the UV rays are not safe for our skin, and it causes lots of skin problem like wrinkle, aging, dark spot etc.

That is why it is very vital to keep the skin safe from UV rays. Now you can ask how we can prevent skin damaging. Mainly, we all need to go outside. Even the expert says that the UV rays can damage your skin when you are at home.

Also, we need to work under the lights for a long time; that is another great way of damaging skin. However, if you use sunscreen, you will be able to save your skin from the UV rays. In our below segments, we will tell you that when and how one should use sunscreen.

At the same time, you will know that which sunscreen will be best for you. Mostly, we will talk about two types of sunscreens, and one is mineral, and another is chemical sunscreen. Now, before you look for female hormone replacement therapy, let’s check the below to know the variances between these two sunscreens.

Mineral Sunscreen

Firstly, let’s know about the mineral sunscreen. This sunscreen contains minerals, and it is an essential sort of item. Mainly, the minerals work as active ingredients. We all know that sunscreen provides a vital shield against harmful UV rays.

But the mineral sunscreens do not absorb on your face. That means it has a trend to clog the pores, which may cause of getting pimples or acne.  

Mineral and Chemical Sunscreen according to the Skin Type

Here, we will talk about the mineral and chemical sunscreen both. We often get many questions that people want to know that which sunscreen will be good for you.

Well, it depends on your skin type that which sunscreen will be good for you. We will try to mention the right sunscreen as stated by the skin type. We hope that all the info will help you a lot when selecting sunscreen for you.

Dry Skin

For dry skin, you must go for a mineral sunscreen. First of all, it will moisture our face properly. At the same time, it will protect your skin and give a natural glow.

Normal Skin

The expert always says that if your skin is normal, then nothing to worry about to buy sunscreen. But still, we will suggest you go for mineral sunscreen to skip any skin issues. One more thing I would like to add that, you should consult with a male hormone specialist if you need to get any hormone replacement therapy.

Sensitive Skin

For sensitive skin, nothing will be better than mineral sunscreen. Mostly, sensitive skin often gets skin problems. So, if you use a tough type of skin item, it might increase the skin problem. Here, mineral sunscreen is the best choice for you.

Oily Skin

The chemical sunscreen is the best choice for oily skin, and it is non-and very greasy lightweight that helps you get a matte look.


If you often get acne or pimple, you have to buy a mineral sunscreen with non-comedogenic properties.


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