While you’re looking forward to New Year’s Eve, you’re also concerned that your dull skin will be a downer. Is it your life story? If so, keep in mind that preparing your skin is the most excellent way to get perfect skin. And it comes to something as unique as New Year’s Eve.

You can’t afford to take any chances with your appearance! If you’re wondering how to acquire that much-needed glow even before you use your highlighters, keep reading to find how. Therefore, before you buy bath bombs online, let’s know the tips.

Begin with A Cleanse

You’ve been slacking on your skincare routine. So, remember, the best way to get things back on track is before New Year’s. This includes a face wash that cleanses and leaves your skin glowing before you begin your makeup look. You can also buy the vitamin c body serum consulting with a skin specialist.

We recommend the Lakmé Blush & Glow Crème Face Wash. It has a strong composition and pearls that burst on your face to add a subtle tint of color. In addition to adding color, these beads gently scrub your skin without leaving it dry.

Remember To Exfoliate!

When you’re reading this, it means you only have a few days before New Year’s Eve. Have you noticed that your skin appears dull? It’s due to dead skin accumulation and your failure to maintain a proper skincare regimen.

Hence, there is still time to rectify this by exfoliating your skin every other day. This will aid in eliminating dead cells, revealing a radiant complexion, and ensuring that your final makeup look is flawless!

Rose Water Should Use

You need your skin to feel rejuvenated. So, use a face mist. Add rose water to your regimen to accomplish this. It not only hydrates but also strengthens skin cells and regenerates tissues. Spray some rose water twice a day, even before putting makeup for New Year’s.

Exactly what you need for that New Year’s Eve glow. Keep reading to find more if you’re wondering how to acquire that much-needed glow even before you use your highlighters.

Go Squeaky-Clean

Are you concerned that your black patches will be noticeable? We understand! That is why we recommend the Pond’s White Beauty Winter Anti-spot Moisturizer. It acts as a skin lightening treatment and a cold cream to offer you smooth and moisturized skin.

Consider Getting a Massage

Nothing beats a face massage for relaxation. As a pre-makeup step, rub your skin with a moisturizer just before beginning your makeup. This will improve blood circulation, resulting in smooth skin.

Don’t Forget Your Eyes

Sure, you will apply an under-eye concealer. But you need also take care of your peepers because your under-eye region might reveal how exhausted you are. Furthermore, if your concealer isn’t long-lasting, your puffy eyes will be much more apparent.

This is why you should de-puff your eyes with iced tea bags or apply a moisturizing eye cream. This is to give them a moisture boost before applying makeup.


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