The outdoor gear industry is a massive and fast-growing industry. And with the growth of the sector, the price difference between different items is also getting bigger! Most people make a mistake here! They think that they’re getting better gear if they are spending more!

However, you can get high-quality, inexpensive, discount hiking gear (and even FREE) from the top brands! You just have to know where to search.

#1. Search on the Facebook groups.

Facebook has evolved into one of the most valuable platforms for buying and selling old and discounted goods. There’s a strong possibility there’s already a Facebook community for you if you live in an area with decent trails and outdoor enthusiasts.

These are fantastic places to go since they put you in touch with locals. Most of them are just as down-to-earth and enthusiastic about your chosen hobby as you are. Just try to pick them up locally from the seller so you may inspect the things beforehand.

#2. Buy from thrift stores.

The thrift store maybe already your go-to place for filling up your wardrobe now; they may also be a treasure trove of outdoor gear! Okay, you probably wouldn’t trust a tent or sleeping bag you found there, but amazing outdoor apparel may be found on those clothes racks, particularly in mountain towns and regions with many outdoor aficionados.

Well-known brands may be more costly since the retailer will price them appropriately, but lesser-known brands may often be found for pennies if the retail management is unaware of their value!

#3. Participate in giveaways.

Hiking gear manufacturers often offer giveaways on their social media channels and their email subscribers. Followers generally just have to “like” or “follow” a page, tag a friend, then share — it’s that easy. Some may tell you to write a short essay about your favorite hiking trip or wildest outdoor adventure.

Many of the rewards are very reasonable. Check your mail’s spam and “other” inboxes for branded emails that may have gotten past your primary inbox and caused you to miss out on a bargain. Sure, you’ll enter more of these freebies than you’ll ever win, but it’s worth a shot for very little work!

#4. Take Sponsorship!

If you have a small but loyal social media following, you may be sponsored to perform the activity you like by your favorite businesses. You may not be picked up right away by the big names, but if you’re good at what you do, someone will be interested in sponsoring you.

Look for merchants that began small in your region. Companies appear to like that type of connection since many of their consumers are also likely to be from your area.

#5. Share stuff among friends!

Since you’re not traveling throughout the year, there’s no shame in sharing stuff with your closest friends. If you’re going on a group vacation, you generally won’t need to buy every piece of equipment since you’ll have plenty between you.

You might also form a group to purchase equipment and set up a flexible timetable for using gears like backpacks of various sizes, tents, tarps, and other equipment that might be costly but aren’t required on every trip. Just be in a loyal group where no one refuses to pay the bill!

Pro Tip: Simply run a Google search for “*brand name* PRO deal” to find out whether your favorite brand provides PRO discount hiking gear. Many manufacturers will not offer it on their public-facing website to keep it only for industry insiders.


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