Do you work always staring at the monitor/screen? Does it feel tired and heavy of your eyes at the end of the work/day? Do you get a headache when you do lots of work in front of a screen? If you answer any of the questions with ‘yes,’ you should take good care of the eyes. You can use the best eye cream, use best under eye masks. Beside these, there are many ways are out there to decrease eye strain.

And among them, eye exercises are the most effective ones. Your work is vital to living well and staying up to date with all of the social media happenings. So, you should dedicate a minimum of 10 minutes every day to doing eye exercises or yoga.

It’ll give you lots of variations to your eye experience of the strain. It’s because these days, both adults and kids spend a lot of time of their day watching screens. That means both of them will get the advantage of these eye exercises.

So, before you look for the best eye masks for travel, let’s know about the eye exercises to relax your eye muscles and improve your vision.


It’s a very effective eye exercise. Also, it helps to resolve different focusing issues. It’s because this is one of the most helpful for your eyes. The exercise is great for overcoming many eye issues. Well, let’s know the steps of this eye exercise:

First Step: In the house or office, sit beside the natural light source. It’s best to sit in front of a window of the home or office.

Second Step: Hold the index or thumb finger some inches away from the eye.

Third Step: Move the index or thumb finger ahead of the face when you hold your focus.

Fourth Step: Then, look at the distance from your thumb.

Fifth Step: Take the outspread thumb gradually towards the eye when you have to hold your focus.

Sixth Step: Repeat the steps thrice.


Blinking? Aren’t we doing it every day already? Yeah, we do because it leaves the eye wet and makes it easier for you to concentrate longer. But did you know why you don’t blink as much while looking at a digital device? In the long term, this induces eye pressure and blurred vision. Your eyelids are like wipers, and the glands create moisture to cleanse and refresh your eyes each time you blink. Here’s how the concentrated blinking eye exercise should be done:

First Step: Set a time for two minutes on your phone before you start this exercise.

Second Step: You have to blink the eyes every four seconds. Could you do it for two minutes that you have set?

Rule of 20-20-20

This is very prevalent today, and nearly everybody has learned about this eye exercise but has never followed it. So, let’s inform you about what it’s like once again. The intention is to pause to glance at something that’s 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes.

Just easy! Hopefully, you’ll get better and improved eye vision and relax your eye muscles by doing these eye exercises.


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