One of the vital things of online business is choosing the most excellent payment provider. It’s part of your business because you can earn money with it. These days, there are lots of payment providers with similar services.

But, the term ‘similar’ doesn’t mean they’re just the same. That’s why you should take some time to check before you choose one of them as your payment solutions company. Payment providers have been limited by partners like acquirers, payment institutions, banks, and others.

All of them come with geographic licenses such as the USA, UK, Europe, or Australia. As a result, most payment providers have been limited by their regions. So, let’s know about some ways to select your payment provider for your online business payment solutions.

3D Secure

Of course, this 3D secure is still not very popular everywhere. If you utilize this for every transaction, it cabs even reduce the conversion rate. But, occasionally, this is good to get. It’s especially if you are afraid of fake dealings or desire to trade in the UK or on Scandinavia’s markets.

So, you must check out whether the payment source comes with 3D secure transactions for you. Also, know if this is configurable. So, you can utilize it just when plus where you want it.

API Vs. Payment Form

Every payment provider doesn’t offer API to receive payment. You can get payments on your site if you can integrate using API. Otherwise, you’ll have to forward your clients to the payment form of the provider.

As a result, it’ll make the whole system slow down of payment or checkout. Also, it can reduce the conversation rate. You should check if your payment supplier offers API with the way it works.

Developer Friendliness

You should know whether your payment source provides any developer zone. Know what the technical document looks like. Learn if it’s hard or simple to match with the API of the provider. Understand if there are any useable widgets or plugins with sample codes.

You have to check these things because all payment sources are not developer-friendly. And some of the providers still offer the API of the 20th century. Request your developers whether the payment source is good for the developer or not.

Types of Clients They Have

View the portfolio of the payment providing source. On their website, check the testimonials given by the previous users of their services. If you need more information, you should Google it.

Check and try to know if the previous customers have the same online business as you do. Also, know if they’re from a similar region, similar industry, and similar customers. If you know anyone of them, then ask them for a suggestion.

Know Their Prices

Most of the payment providers serve with similar prices. But, it’s not the same always. It’s wise to check it before sign an agreement with them. Know previously if they have any hidden or additional fees like monthly or annual fees.


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